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Class 1 - Equities and Regulations

Intro to the Industry
Common Stock
Preferred Stock
Other Equities

Registration of Securities

Exempt Securities & Transactions

Securities Exchange Act of 34

Class 2 - Customer Accounts & Margin

Customer Accounts
Other Accounts
Anti Money Laundering
Intro to Margin
Long Map of Margin
Short Map of Margin
Misc. Margin

Class 3 - Options Basics

Options Basics

Options Problem Solving # 1

Options Problem Solving # 2

Class 4 - Options Advanced



Other Types of Options

Options Exchanges

Class 5 - Investment Companies/Annuities/Retirements 

What is an Investment?

Open End Investment Companies

Why buy investment companies?

Other Types of Investment Companies



Class 6 - Intro Bonds

Intro to Bonds & Corporate Debt

Class 7 Government Securities

Government Securities (Treasuries, Agencies, & Munis)

Class 8 - Economics and Taxation


Class 9 - Trading Markets and Analysis

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Introduction

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Floor of the NYSE

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Types of Orders

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Corporate Actions

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Circuit Breakers

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Intro to Nasdaq

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - Regulation NMS/ATS

Class 9.5 - Trading Markets - 21A

Class 9.5  - Trading Markets - Trade Reporting & 5% Markup Policy

Extra - Suitability


Becoming a Finra Member

Registration of Personel

Other Finra Rules

Finra Communications Rules

Supervising Sales

Conduct Rules

Uniform Practice Code

Dispute Procedures

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