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Private Training/Tutoring with Greico

Greico Financial Training Institute specializes in personalized tutoring for high profile executives or individuals who need a customized study plan and the help of a personal trainer to successfully pass the exam.

Why Private Tutoring?

• Your work schedule hinders you from attending our comprehensive online or in-person courses

• You took the preparation course but need a few sessions of personalized instruction to reach your goal

• You know that you have a problem with a topic that requires a tailored approach

• You excel in a one-to one- learning environment

All tutoring is conduced by one of our senior instructors. Tutoring with Mr. James Greico may be available. Please contact our tutoring coordinator at 212-248-7506.

Platinum Executive Private Tutoring/Training.

The worlds largest and most prestigious financial institutions often solicit Greico Financial Training Institute to conduct private training for their high profile senior executives worldwide. Greico Financial Training Institute excels in private training for numerous reasons including, but not limited to:

1. Our industry-experienced instructors are seasoned professionals who love to teach and have an exceptional understanding of the industry and the complex regulations tested on the exam. Our level of industry knowledge truly differentiates Greico Financial Training Institute from our competitors.

2. Greico Financial Training Institute is renowned for its superior customer service and is very sensitive to our clients needs and their demanding schedules.

3. Greico Financial Training Institute specializes in training high profile, top level executives and the unique services they require.

If your organization is interested in scheduling executive level private training, please contact us at 1800-GREICO1 or 212-248-7506.

Setting a Private Tutoring Appointment

1. Get in touch with our scheduling coordinator at (212)-248-7506 or at

2. Discuss your Private Tutoring needs with our scheduling coordinator and set your first appointment

3. Meet with your trainer and let us conduct a needs analysis and create a customized study plan that ensures success in passing your exam.

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Private Training
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